The bat of Valencia, a dragon escuchimizado

In Spain there is a fascinating heraldic wealth, and that in the shields of this bull skin we can find from zebras to marijuana leaves. There are many icons whose origin is much more profane and less lustrous than we could imagine. In this case we are going to talk…

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The lung of Valencia: the bed of the Turia river

Eight kilometers of green areas cover the city of Valencia from the northwest to the southeast. The bed of the Turia river is an open space where nature and sport surrender to the service of citizens. The Turia River of Valencia has become the lung of the city. It is…

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Rafael Blasco is denied the third degree for risk of recidivism

The magistrates of the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Valencian high court recall that there has been “recognition of having done wrong” to which he adds that “he has not made the slightest attempt to mitigate the serious economic consequences.” They also affirm that it is striking “and somewhat…

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