The fault is always from the others

Cifuentes maintains the gesture of the grievance claiming that others are justifying the anomaly. Ethics is absent from the discourse that employs, who considers normal to offer special conditions, we do not know why. Again the ‘bad’ are those who raise such perks, the participation of the recipient is why…

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Cifuentes can not give up his university master’s degree

For practical purposes, the resignation of Cristina Cifuentes to her Master’s Degree in Public Law from the Autonomous State studied at the URJC does not serve to cancel the degree. According to sources from the Ministry of Education, it is the university that has to request the ministry to open…

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The masteresa renounces what does not exist

And the masteresa has come out as a beast, almost funny, renewed on the outside, all bifidus and actimeloides, with the butanera punch, and has said he does not want the master. It returns what it never had. Denies the major without mentioning it. He can not return anything. It…

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