FAANG: Technological vampirism

The gigantic oligopolistic niche composed of the technological vampires designated with the acronym FAANG -Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google-, or FAAMG -Microsoft supplanting the N- is on the way to drain all the financial capital of the North American industrial fabric, and therefore of the western world, which sustains…

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The Soviet ‘smart house’ project of 1987 [EN]

In 1987 the industrial designer Dmitry Azrikan, commissioned by the Committee of Science and Technology of the Soviet Union to create “a revolutionary computer”, conceived the Soviet “smart home”, called Station Espinge, acronym in Russian of Super Functional Integrated Communications System , was a complex of flexible domotics that aimed…

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Ebay Spain cuts its reduced tax bill: 33,000 euros of taxes in 2016

The e-commerce giant Ebay has again reduced its already diminished fiscal bill in Spain. During 2016, it reduced its Corporate Tax to 33,000 euros, the second lowest in the last five years. The subsidiary declared revenues of 3.8 million euros. The company still does not receive inspections from the Tax…

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