Digital transformation will put at risk 36% of employment in Spain

The people who are most at risk are those who have a low educational level, young people, women, people who are looking for a new job or who have been unemployed, people who do not have family responsibilities and especially the smaller companies in the manufacturing sector, hospitality and real…

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Spain, third EU country with more pharmacists per inhabitant

In number of pharmacists, only exceeded to Spain the states of Malta (129) and Belgium (121), while surpassing countries like Italy (115), France (105) or Portugal (84). On the opposite side were the Netherlands (only 21 pharmacists per 100,000 inhabitants), Denmark (51), Slovenia (63) and Germany (64). On the other…

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Rajoy, the game is over

Rajoy, with his habit of doing nothing, has taken Spain to the abyss. Its phlegm has turned the Catalan situation into a powder keg, the economic recovery in a greater gap between rich and poor and the lack of political capacity to agree Budgets in a pit that puts at…

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