Rajoy and Sánchez will turn Spain into a country of waiters

Rajoy decided that it was a priority to flush out the population by raising taxes brutally, create a model of fictitious GDP growth at the cost of a greater debt, promote a labor reform to replace decent jobs for unworthy jobs, more typical of a Third World country, destroy Much…

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Pablo, without impatience please

The performance of Pablo Iglesias during the motion of censure can be qualified as outstanding. The choice of alternative motion to make immediate elections made the PNV decide that it was concerned with elections that could favor C’s. His speeches in the plenary session were excellent and his last exchange…

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Pedro Sánchez and his ghost bridges with the Ibex 35

Cristina Narbona, president of the PSOE, attended this week to a conference on climate change in which numerous personalities of the energy industry were present. At the end of one of the presentations, a director of Iberdrola commented with irony: “You are in the government because we have fixed the…

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