Sweden will consider rape any sexual act without consent

The limit to consider punishable act participation in a sexual activity is whether it is voluntary or not. It will no longer be necessary to use violence or threats or take advantage of the victim’s especially vulnerable situation to be considered a violation, “stated in the bill, which will come…

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1995 debate that eliminated the term " violation " of the Penal Code

In 1995, the minority government of the PSOE changed the Penal Code to change the crime of “rape” for “sexual assault” or “sexual abuse”, where it also had to relocate the crime of “rape”. Through this thread of Twitter, the reactions of the different parties to this change are selected,…

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A very painful sentence

“They raped me as a child, a priest got into my bed during a stay I went to a British school to learn English, I was petrified (…) What I do know is that you can not get more violence That unwanted smell, that unwanted beard and tongue that ran…

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