Margallo will present his candidacy to succeed Rajoy in the PP

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of the Popular Parliamentary Group, José Manuel García-Margallo, has confirmed on Monday that he will present his candidacy to lead the PP for the “extraordinary situation” that the party lives after the motion of censure that the PSOE de Pedro Sánchez won…

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Rajoy and Sánchez will turn Spain into a country of waiters

Rajoy decided that it was a priority to flush out the population by raising taxes brutally, create a model of fictitious GDP growth at the cost of a greater debt, promote a labor reform to replace decent jobs for unworthy jobs, more typical of a Third World country, destroy Much…

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The ‘Chinese vases’ or the future of former president Mariano Rajoy

It was precisely an ex-president, Felipe González, who coined the phrase. The old leaders, according to the socialist, are large Chinese vases that no one retires because they are valuable … “but we got in every place” explained the Andalusian. For that feeling all the presidents of democracy have passed,…

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