Puigdemont, the useful enemy of Rajoy

The Spanish reality has been feeding for the last two months a collection of news bombs that explode at the wrong time. These are potentially historic moments in which almost nobody makes reparation, in the midst of the disturbing social upheaval that sparked the separatist crisis in Catalonia. On Tuesday…

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The Belgian Prime Minister: " Puigdemont must answer for his actions "

The Belgian Prime Minister, French-speaking liberal Charles Michel, has warned on Wednesday that his only interlocutor in the Catalan political crisis “is Spain” and that his government will not interfere in the judicial process opened in Belgium to decide on the extradition of the former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont,…

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200 Catalan mayors will disembark on Tuesday in Brussels [FRA]

[Belgian newspaper Le Soir]: According to the Catalan media, 200 mayors will come to Brussels on Tuesday to explain the crisis in Catalonia. They will offer “first hand” information about the future of Catalonia, what is happening in the region, the cessation of the members of the Catalan Parliament and…

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