Rise of the price of diesel 9,55cnt / liter

The revision of diesel taxation to be equated with gasoline would be applied directly to the special tax that is applied to fuel, so diesel will be priced at 9.55 cents per liter. To get an idea of how much this increase means, for an average diesel price in Spain…

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Peoples without public transport: the next step of depopulation

In the process of extinction of the rural world in Spain, the first services that disappeared were health centers and schools. Then they closed the shops and bars and now comes the end, the disappearance of urban transport. Some 80 municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha already severely punished by depopulation see…

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It turns out that you could throw the PP

Since the PSOE did not reach the government before, do not blame the arithmetic. The PP could and should have been removed from the institutions in December 2015. Sánchez himself confessed that he was pressured by the economic and media elites so that he could not agree with Podemos, and…

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