The Intermediate points out the 3 reasons why Cifuentes should resign

First, he said that “a public representative should resign for lying repeatedly. There has been no court, there has been no final master’s work. The problem is not having received the favorable treatment, the problem is denying that has happened. “The second point pointed out that the” fact that a…

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Cifuentes can hide its title but can not erase its existence

“It is an administrative act that she can not erase,” explains the university professor. The master’s degree in Public Law of the Autonomous State of the URJC “is a confirmation of something that happened”. In theory, the studies have been passed. “She can give up on showing it off, putting…

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The masteresa renounces what does not exist

And the masteresa has come out as a beast, almost funny, renewed on the outside, all bifidus and actimeloides, with the butanera punch, and has said he does not want the master. It returns what it never had. Denies the major without mentioning it. He can not return anything. It…

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