Cifuentes can hide its title but can not erase its existence

“It is an administrative act that she can not erase,” explains the university professor. The master’s degree in Public Law of the Autonomous State of the URJC “is a confirmation of something that happened”. In theory, the studies have been passed. “She can give up on showing it off, putting…

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Beti Jai regains its splendor

The Beti Jai has survived decades of neglect and neglect until it was finally declared a Cultural Interest (BIC). In 2015, work began on the restoration of its original elements and the recovery of others eliminated by the passage of time and neglect. Three years later, 2,800,000 euros of budget…

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Map: ratio of women and men in each Autonomous Community

Of the 46,572,132 people living in Spain, 23,739,271 are women and 22,832,861 are men, according to the most recent data of the municipal register that includes the INE. The proportion is, therefore, 1,040 women per 1,000 men. This slight imbalance is not without its merit, given that many fewer women…

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