Raped by their partners: " You can not leave me like that "

“If you’re wet, it’s because you want sex, do not lie.” These words are what Clara (fictitious name), 20 years old, heard from her partner every time he wanted to have sex and she insisted that she did not want to. A type of situation that women of all ages…

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F1 will stop using the “grid girls” "

The well-known ‘grid girls’, whose function was to hold the umbrellas of the pilots, have no place in Formula 1, which will also stop using them in the rest of the Grand Prix support categories. They argue that “they disagree with modern social norms”

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What if we throw Woody Allen from a bell tower?

Affirms Eugenio Fuentes who discovered the term “ordeal” in a book by Michel Foucault, although there are always less demanding ways of learning medieval psychotic law. Today it is easy to define ordeal or judgment of God: imagine that we throw Woody Allen from the top of a bell tower,…

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