The strange habit in Finland at bus stops

That the inhabitants of the Nordic countries usually have a cold character is well known, but in some cases it seems that they take it to the extreme. At the bus stops in Finland we can find a strange custom to queue, consisting of leaving a huge space between each…

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This is the funniest joke in the world [ENG]

In 2002 the psychologist Richard Wiseman premiered the web Laughlab in which people could upload their jokes and vote for others. 41000 jokes were uploaded and 1.5 million votes were counted, the winning joke being described as “the funniest joke in the world”. The author of the winning joke is…

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Cañizares asks for the transfer of Sorolla’s work to his office

The transfer of the works of Sigena already has repercussions. If this morning the Government of Aragon demanded to return the works exhibited in the Museum of Lleida, now who demands a transfer is Cardinal Cañizares who demands the return of Sorolla’s work. “Specifically those of children on the beach”…

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