When the courts tell the Treasury how to make the income statement

The Ministry of Finance promotes draft bills, bills of real legislative decree and regulatory standards that make up the state tax corpus. However, there are times when courts disagree with the interpretation of certain rules. It is then when you usually start the tug-of-war of judgments and resolutions between different…

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I am also Carlos Sánchez Mato

Councilors and councilors of Economy and / or Finance of Cádiz, Badalona, Oviedo, Puerto Real and Ripollet sign an article in support of the exconcejal of Economy and Finance of Madrid.

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Treasury demands a 96-year-old pensioner to be paid in kind

The elderly woman, aged 96, claimed assistance from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, which has registered this service with the Treasury as a payment in kind. The Tax Agency calculates as income of 700 euros per month the municipal service that received six hours a week to help…

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