The consequences of the rise of oil

The worst could come later, as Spanish banks are still highly vulnerable and debt remains high, especially in the public sector. If the worst expectations are met and high oil prices, global economic slowdown and rising rates are joined, the recession will be assured. Unless the ECB takes quick action,…

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the Government forgot to foresee who appoints the consellers

According to the decree of 155, the president only recovers his powers once the consellers take possession, so they can not be appointed by Quim Torra. The Government has two options: appoint directly the consellers or skip the authorization of the Senate to allow Torra to be sign the decrees…

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The government of fear. Who are the terrorists?

Anarchists, puppeteers, separatists, militants of social movements have suffered during the last years different judicial processes under the anti-terrorist legislation in the Spanish state. The GOVERNMENT OF FEAR covers the legal-social evolution of the concept of terrorism. From interviews to journalists, lawyers, anti-capitalist militants, people accused of terrorist organization, the…

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