False job offer where you have to pay to move forward

The user Arantxita has shared on Twitter the scam that has been about to be a victim when responding to a job offer. The young woman was using one of the platforms that exists to put companies in contact with people looking for a job and found one that interested…

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Endesa detected about 68,000 cases of electrical fraud in 2017

Endesa detected about 68,000 electrical frauds in 2017 and recovered 761 million kilowatt hours (KWh) defrauded, a figure that is equivalent to Palma de Mallorca’s electricity consumption for 6 months. 1 out of 5 inspections carried out by Endesa last year concluded with the detection of fraud and, in 40%…

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Liar, no, the source

It is 6:40 pm on Wednesday, April 11. I write this minipost and Cifuentes still does not resign. After enduring weeks of general joke with the Mastergate, the latest news that appears is that Cifuentes will resign if Rajoy asks. Well, okay It is amazing that this woman is still…

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