ETA is over, but Spain still needs a lasting peace

With the dissolution of the last terrorist group in Western Europe what is required is political understanding and knowledge, in order to avoid that a possible revengeful reaction on the part of the Spanish government results in the emergence of an even more radical dissident group.

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«If ETA dissolves …» the penitentiary promises of the PP

April 23 last year, the parliamentary spokesman of the PP in the CAV, Borja Semper, said in an interview to the Basque newspaper that “if ETA is dissolved, the policy of dispersion will change in 48 hours.” Indeed, Sémper shared a headline two years earlier, in February 2015, when the…

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" Nothing would have been possible without Rubalcaba "

60 years, 853 dead, 79 kidnapped, 6,389 injured … and an end as miserable as their own existence. When they say dismantling they mean dissolution; when they talk about political activity it is terrorism and when they invoke a conflict it was the one that faced for decades a gang…

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