The Complutense denies having assigned “still no destination” to Cifuentes

Cifuentes | Diariocrí The former president of the Community of Madrid has returned to work at the Complutense University, as far as salary is concerned, but has not yet been assigned ‘no destination’. The University has thus emerged from the information appearing in various media, including Madridiario and ‘’, which…

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Who leaked the video that ended with Cifuentes?

Francisco Granados, counselor of the Presidency, Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid between July 2008 and July 2011, went last Friday to testify before the judge Manuel García Castellón, who investigates the Punic plot, in which the former secretary General of the PP of Madrid figure as the…

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Things that I have learned with the bitter end of Cifuentes

Although it outrages and impacts us, our brain has discounted within the logic of the abuse of power and human greed that a politician steal thousands of euros of public money or accept bribes. However, to risk everything for two bottles of anti-wrinkle cream of 42 euros seems the greatest…

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