Forty years of Meteosat

ESA’s first Earth observation satellite was launched on November 23, 1977. When it arrived at its destination, Meteosat-1 completed the total coverage of the planet from a geostationary orbit, laying the groundwork for European-level meteorological cooperation. and global, which continues today.

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The neutrality of the network as a symptom

The plan presented by Ajit Pai, previously a Verizon lawyer and now director of the North American Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to end the neutrality of the network and with the internet as we know it has cleared all the doubts that we could at some point have about the…

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Franco did not die on 20-N. The embalmer speaks and the last witness

October 21, 1975, 20.10 hours, first press release of the Civil House to stop the rumors about the state of health of Franco. Very well Franco should not be, because the day before he had started the secret operation for his embalming. Vicente Pozuelo, Franco’s personal physician, contacted Antonio Piga,…

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