Cecilia Giménez went down in history to restore the ‘Ecce Homo’ from the town of Zaragoza, Borja, now has an “imitator”. Specifically in Estella, Navarra. And it is that artists and professional restorers of patrimony have shown their anger for the new aspect that presents the San Jorge of the church of San Miguel of the Navarrese locality, a sculpture of the XVIth century that has seen as its ancient polychromy has turned into painting . The original figure, subjected to a restoration due to the great deterioration it presented, has undergone changes that at first glance can be appreciated. Experts explain that the valuable ancient polychrome that still held in the image and has been covered with paint and plaster has disappeared. There are many users who have compared this work with the ‘Ecce Homo’ by Cecilia

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