A fisherman changes his luck to find whale vomit

Three fishermen from Oman are about to retire and it’s all thanks to a chance discovery they made on a normal fishing day: the discovery of seventy-five kilograms of sperm whale ‘vomit’, known as gray amber. While fishing off the north-east coast of Oman, the men encountered a floating mass…

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The calm before the storm

In Spain there are still the same problems entrenched for more than a century, with the aggravating circumstance that millions of young people born in the 80s, 90s and 2,000s have very advanced democratic pretensions for a country that simply does not tolerate them. The absence of reform proposals is…

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How The Legend of Zelda was made

The origin of the game The Legend of Zelda dates back to late 1984, when the company Nintendo sought to develop a title for the launch of its new system Famicom Disk System, a peripheral for its NES console (called Famicom in Japan), which allowed to save data of the…

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