The scam of data protection

In the last event I attended in Israel, I took the opportunity to moderate a debate on data protection, in which I expressed my opinion that it is one of the biggest nonsense the Brussels bureaucrats have invented. And I realized that everyone was basically in agreement that the new…

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The religion of journalism

In La Sexta Noche they connect with the spokesperson of the Francisco Franco Foundation. And when he launches his usual aberrant speech, that we have heard other times in that same chain, the presenter and some speakers seem to be surprised, first, and then horrified. “But what atrocities does this…

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A prodigious cover for a perfect machine

The egg – and specifically its shell – is one of the most extraordinary biological engineering works with which nature gives us. On the one hand, it must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the bird that has to hatch it, on the other, fragile enough to allow…

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