A Frenchman gets his third face [ENG]

He is the first man to get a second facial transplant, a successful operation. The man, 43 years old, had been in the faceless hospital for two months. The reason for the multiple transplant has been neurofibromatosis type I, a disease that causes disfiguring tumors on the face.

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A study links soil metals with cancer mortality

Epidemiologists and Spanish geologists have found associations between the number of deaths from esophageal tumors and the abundance of lead in the area; cancers of lung and terrains with more copper; brain tumor with arsenic; and bladder with cadmium. These statistical links do not indicate a cause-effect relationship, but according…

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The masteresa renounces what does not exist

And the masteresa has come out as a beast, almost funny, renewed on the outside, all bifidus and actimeloides, with the butanera punch, and has said he does not want the master. It returns what it never had. Denies the major without mentioning it. He can not return anything. It…

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