Let’s save the Mexican axolotl

The international scientific community is alarmed by the extreme danger of extinction of this aquatic amphibian, belonging to the great family of Salamanders, capable of reproducing without carrying out the metamorphosis, as do all amphibians, able to regenerate almost any part of your body, including vital organs such as the…

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Public WhatsApp groups are insecure

According to the digital newspaper VentureBeat, during a period of six months Garimella and Tyson slipped into 178 public groups of WhatsApp and got the information of 45,794 users: phone numbers, profile pictures, images and videos shared in the group, etc. It is possible to extract information from these open…

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They put a prosthesis to a squirrel to walk again

Caramelo, as they call it, is a squirrel that fell into a trap and lost both front legs. Surely he would never have been able to walk again if it had not fallen into the hands of two Turkish doctors who created a special prosthesis for the little rodent.

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