Spanish rappers get terror sentences for their songs [Eng]

César Strawberry has found it hard to concentrate on his music recently. The singer is famous in Spain with the rap-rock band Def Con Dos and his notoriously explicit lyrics. But his controversial comment has also led to a direct conflict with the Spanish state. “It’s a coordinated strategy aimed…

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What happens in the brain when you are unconscious?

Scientists at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (United States) have analyzed how brain networks are fragmented when an individual becomes unconscious, for example by the effects of anesthesia during an operation, in order to assess the impact that may have in some of his tasks such as information…

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" To sustain pensions we need a comprehensive tax reform "

Professor Emeritus of Applied Economics at the UAB, Miren Etxezarreta, points out: “The Government does not respond to the crux of the matter, to value pensions as they have to be valued.” “The pay-as-you-go system can no longer be maintained due to the deterioration of salaries and the rate of…

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