Battle of the Río de la Plata, the 2GM in the South Atlantic

The Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germany from building ships with more than 10,000 gross registered tons. The need to build a powerful fleet was evident, but in view of the limitations, the German engineers were obliged to plan a different fleet. Thus were born the “Battleships of Pocket”, ships with…

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El Salvador, a country strewn with dead people

The grandmother stayed living next to the abandoned house of her family, fifteen meters away from the supposed murderer of her oldest grandchild and half a kilometer from the well where she suspects that the neighbor threw the body, in the Santiago Nonualco municipality of La Paz department. Savior. His…

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200,000 signatures in the Congress of Deputies to “save Philosophy” "

Enrique Mesa, professor of Philosophy at the Madrid-based institute El Espinillo delivered this Wednesday, December 13 at the Congress of Deputies, 200,000 signatures, collected through the platform, to demand that this subject be re-studied at ESO and in the two Bachillerato courses, after the LOMCE eliminated it in the…

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