The sun has lost all its spots

The number of spots that the Sun presents, considered as the main characteristic of the level of solar activity, is falling “quickly to zero”, reports the X-ray Astronomy Laboratory of the Sun, assigned to the Lébedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Russia. According to astronomers, at this…

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‘Tweety’ returns home

The Ministry of the Interior will dispense at the end of the week one of the two ferries that, moored in the port of Barcelona, has been home for almost two months to more than a thousand civil guards and national police displaced to Catalonia in the face of the…

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Significant painted between Teruel and Tarragona

The symbology, although still discreet, is one of the factors that are being altered in recent days. Without going any further, a new graffiti appeared on Sunday at the bridge of the Algás River, right on the border between the two autonomous communities. It was painted, using molds and special…

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